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is about Reliability and Efficiency.

Eco Lighting USA is wholly focused on providing the best in energy efficient lighting technologies. We manufacture Standard and Custom Lighting Solutions using the Latest LED chip and electronic Induction Lighting Technologies. We Manufacture a wide selection of LED and Induction light Fixtures, Retrofits, and Bulbs that are designed to save money through reduced energy consumption, vastly reduced maintenance, and reduced installation costs. Save now and immediately boost the environmental profile of your organization by using Eco Lighting USA. Ask for products at your local electrical supply.
From humble beginnings, EUSA has risen to the challenge of meeting the needs of an ever-changing set of demands from the entities that utilize our technologies. That list represents the large and the small.
Corporations, Governments, Wholesale and Retail clients all agree that our solutions offer a very valuable alternative to conventional, inefficient lighting products. Our core values are hard but smart work, harmonious cooperation, serving the greater good, and contributing to a greener planet where environmental worries are a thing of the past.
Our signature offering consists of our unique line of LED and Induction lamps and fixtures, and of course we are cooking up a few more things for the future. Energy savings achieved by switching to our products tends to be in the 50-90% range. This allows the end-user to save at times thousands of dollars each and every month just by switching to our lighting sources.
These remarkable results are achieved through Research & Development, and the cooperation of both our domestic and overseas factories which handle the sourcing and processing of raw materials into the base products we sell. We rely heavily on the cooperation of many talented hands who lend their expertise in putting together one of the most exciting product lines in the industry. This philosophy allows us to make use of tightly controlled inventory levels while maximizing bottom line potential, and minimizing the production and delivery time delays that plague our typical competitor.
It is this commitment that has been shared across the board here that truly moves all present to push forward in blazing new trails, and providing fantastic results to an ever-growing list of believers in the results our products and services deliver.

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