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In today’s difficult financial times, commercial, retail and industrial businesses alike are scrambling for new ways to cut-costs, yet improve their efficiency and reputation. Thanks to patented magnetic induction lighting technology now available through Eco Lighting USA, it’s possible to reduce your business’ electricity consumption for lighting between 40 and 70 percent, immediately start saving a fortune on your energy bill, and become a more environmentally-friendly company.

Founded by it’s two principals, who combined have decades worth of experience operating and managing successful commercial businesses, New Jersey and Florida-based Eco Lighting USA (www.EcoLightingUSA.com) is now poised to literally shine new light on commercial, retail and industrial businesses nationwide, and immediately help its clients dramatically reduce their skyrocketing energy costs.

The magnetic induction lighting products available from Eco Lighting USA are manufactured using more than 50 exclusive patents, and allow users to achieve a whopping 40 to 70 percent energy savings. The lighting products also last at least 5 times longer than most competing technologies.

“It addition to immediate and substantial energy and cost-savings, our magnetic induction lighting systems have significant environmental benefits. The technology in our lamps is, at it’s core,  similar, but much more advanced than traditional florescent lighting. Our lamps use the principles of electro magnetic induction which allows them to  operate much cooler, and thus use far less energy, and, in addition, offer a remarkable life-span,”  stated the company’s founder.

In new construction, for example, Eco Lighting USA can easily install new, state-of-the-art lighting fixtures that fully utilize this cost and energy-saving technology. For existing businesses, Eco Lighting USA can easily retro-fit the new lamps into existing fixtures, so companies can immediately begin to benefit from this innovative lighting system.

The immediate cost-savings is so significant, the return on investment in most cases is less than two years. Plus, with the 100 percent financing plans Eco Lighting USA offers to qualified customers, there is zero out-of-pocket expense to upgrade to this lighting system. The savings alone will fully pay for the system in less than two years.
Just some of the benefits magnetic induction lighting systems offer include:

  • There is absolutely no annoying flicker or hum that’s commonly associated with traditional florescent lighting. These new lamps are instant on, and instant re-strike.
  • The magnetic induction lamps each last more than 100,000 hours – that’s 22 years of operation at 12-hours-per-day usage (10 times longer than any HID product)
  • All of the components used within this lighting system are 100 percent recyclable and contain zero mercury vapor.
  • The magnetic induction lamps are available in multiple wattages to accommodate any lighting situation.
  • Unlike traditional florescent lighting, magnetic induction lighting is not impacted by temperature, which means the lamps can be used in extreme hot or cold environments, for example within streetlights or freezers.
  • Because of their long life, companies and municipalities can save additional money and manpower by having to replace the bulbs much less frequently.
  • Using these lighting products, companies can immediately “go green,” plus tap into significant energy rebates offered by state and Federal government to help pay for the installation or retrofit. Eco Lighting USA’s lighting system also assists its clients in obtaining credit towards LEED Certification.

“Since introducing this exciting new lighting technology, we’ve had an overwhelming response from municipalities, hospitals, warehouse operators, malls, restaurants, schools and a wide range of commercial clients,” added N. Davidson, the founder. “We’re also being contacted by forward-thinking and Earth-friendly architects, building maintenance companies, and engineers eager to incorporate this new lighting technology into their latest construction projects.”

It’s been proven that full-spectrum lighting can have a tremendous impact on the productivity of any workforce. The right lighting can create a more conducive work environment and greatly reduce fatigue, eyestrain and stress that is currently associated with traditional florescent lighting. The magnetic induction lighting systems offered by Eco Lighting USA perfectly address and virtually eliminate these issues.
Currently, magnetic induction lighting is being used throughout the world, but for obvious reasons, until recently, the availability of this technology has been kept quiet by leading light bulb and lighting fixture manufactures in the United States.
Eco Lighting USA can offer your company the easy-to-understand education, research and information needed to make intelligent lighting decisions, and help shed new light on this exciting and cost-saving technology that will help your company quickly and efficiently achieve its short and long-term energy saving goals.

Discover firsthand how the magnetic induction lighting products offered by Eco Lighting USA can benefit your company’s bottom line. Learn all about the cost, energy and maintenance savings available, starting right now, to your company.
For a free, no-obligation demonstration and price quote, call (888) ECO-9094 or visit us on the web at www.EcoLightingUSA.com.

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